GRS - A Trusted Partner with SRI Executive

Patrick Shields

Executive Director & CFO

Norwalk, Connecticut (CT)  USA

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Donna Gillotte

Contract Recruiter

Norwalk, Connecticut (CT) USA

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Praveena Praveen

Contract Recruiter

Norwalk, Connecticut (CT) USA

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Jill Solomon

Contract Recruiter

  New York City

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Helena Brykarz

Contract Recruiter



Patrick Shields, Valued Partner of SRI-Executive

As of November 1, 2019 - Global Recruitment Specialists is affiliated with SRI Executive and Patrick Shields as one of their valued partners. SRI Executive is an Executive Search and Strategy Firm with 20 years’ experience supporting people and organizations to make an impact through their full suite of executive search and consulting services. Learn more about SRI Executive at:

Patrick is an accomplished recruiter and manager with demonstrated operational ability to administer human resource services to decentralized worldwide offices, he has recognized expertise in high volume, multinational, hands-on recruiting and staffing.

Patrick has been the Executive Director and CEO of GRS for 23 years. He also was the Manager of Recruitment & Staffing with CARE International in New York City for seven years, the Director of Admissions of Saint Joseph's College in Brooklyn New York, a Recruiter with the Peace Corps in New York City, and a water and sanitation Peace Corps Volunteer in Kenya in the early 1980s. Patrick has lived in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Patrick is based in Connecticut.  

Donna Gilotte, Contract Recruiter

  Highly effective senior management professional and entrepreneur with a focus on strategic talent acquisition solutions for GRS

Praveena Praveen, Contract Recruiter

Recruitment and applicant sourcing consultant for GRS

Helena Brykarz, Recruiter

Helena has been with GRS since 2005.  She has proven herself to be an accomplished and successful GRS recruiter able to assist clients with their recruitment needs across all program sectors and at all staffing levels. As a Program Executive for the Goldman Environmental Foundation, Helena helped develop the world’s largest international prize for grassroots environmentalists and researched hundreds of environmental leaders around the world. She was also responsible for awarding grants of nearly six million dollars through the Goldman Fund to NGOs focusing on international environmental and human rights issues. She served as a volunteer in the Peace Corps in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and worked for Peace Corps Recruitment in New York, both as a recruiter and an administrator. Helena has a Masters in Environmental Studies from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. She speaks Polish, French and Russian. Helena is based in California.  

Jill Solomon, Senior Recruiter

Jill has been with GRS since 1993. She has successfully managed and recruited for over 500 positions in the fields of health care, conservation, education, business, communications and fundraising.

Prior to her work at GRS, Jill was a Research Coordinator in Infectious Diseases at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York, a Recruiter and Latin America Assistant with CARE International in New York City, and a Health Projects Consultant in Quito, Ecuador with CARE. She also served as a Community Development Extension Worker with the Peace Corps in Honduras and was the Assistant to the Director of the New York City office of The Experiment in International Living.

Jill has her MPH from the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University and her AB in Anthropology from Bryn Mawr College. In addition, Jill is fluent in Spanish. Jill is based in Japan and New Jersey.