GRS - A Trusted Partner with SRI Executive

Client Services

As of November 1, 2019 - Global Recruitment Specialists is affiliated with SRI Executive and Patrick Shields as one of their valued partners. SRI Executive is an Executive Search and Strategy Firm with 20 years’ experience supporting people and organizations to make an impact through their full suite of executive search and consulting services. Learn more about SRI Executive at: 


Since 1993, Global Recruitment Specialists (GRS) has filled over 2,500 positions for its 100-plus internationally focused clients. Some of the organizations we have recently worked with include government contractors, research centers, foundations, development organizations and consulting firms. The GRS Client List is comprised of an ever growing list of major international organizations, including many organizations that repeatedly use our services.

GRS provides personalized, customized, comprehensive, human resource services for organizations with international operations in developing countries.
We specialize in working on senior management positions that may be hard to fill and we can vary our services depending on the client's needs. For example, we have the expertise to guide the entire selection process to a successful conclusion, or we can provide targeted outreach efforts in a short time frame. Over recent decades we have seen the world become a true global village. GRS receives calls from international organizations around the world in need of experienced, upper-level, professional assistance.

These requests range from assembling dozens of disaster relief experts with just 72 hours' notice, to hiring a senior administrator, to implementing a $12 million agribusiness project. The needs have become more prevalent and the required time frames have become increasingly accelerated.
If you would like to learn more about how GRS can help fill your critical staffing needs, please contact Patrick Shields at: Contact Us.