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Global Recruitment Specialists 

  • Affiliated with SRI Executive -   Executive Search and Strategy Firm    
  • Focusing on organizations with operations around the world

  • Serving the International Development Community for over 25 years
  • Staffing the global village by successfully bringing job seekers and client companies together
  • Competitively advantaged by knowing the unadvertised international job market
  • Working directly with the hiring manager of the open position

As of November 1, 2019 - Global Recruitment Specialists is a trusted partner with SRI Executive and Patrick Shields as one of their valued business and recruitment partners. SRI Executive is an Executive Search and Strategy Firm with 20 years’ experience supporting people and organizations to make an impact through their full suite of executive search and consulting services. Learn more about SRI Executive at:

Global Recruitment Specialists (GRS)  was founded in 1993 by Patrick Shields as an independent recruitment firm providing personalized, customized, comprehensive, human resource services for non-governmental organizations with international operations in developing countries.

Over recent decades we have seen the world become a true global village. GRS receives calls from international organizations around the world in need of experienced, upper-level, professional assistance. 

These requests range from assembling dozens of disaster relief experts with just 72 hours notice, to hiring a senior administrator, to implementing a $12 million agribusiness project. The needs have become more prevalent and the required time frames have become increasingly accelerated.

To tackle these tough recruiting challenges, international organizations are turning to Global Recruitment Specialists for high-quality, experienced, international applicant sourcing. Addressing such complex staffing needs requires access to highly skilled professionals -- and the background and knowledge to fill positions at every level of our client organizations.

GRS has successfully demonstrated the ability to bring job seekers and clients together.

The strength of GRS is in our personalized service and our access to the "unadvertised" international development job market. The Client List of GRS is comprised of major international organizations. (See Client List) GRS recruiters know and speak with the hiring managers in these major international agencies and the senior agency staff who make strategic decisions about future directions and staffing needs.

Our recruiters have international work experience, and a good understanding of international issues. We understand the applicant side of the human resources paradigm. We have firsthand knowledge of the difficulty of finding an ideal position and we can assist you in identifying assignments that will make the best use of your skills and experience.