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Senior Local National Democracy and Governance Expert, Lao PDR

Senior Local National Democracy and Governance Expert, Lao PDR


Client: Integra LLC

Location: Laos, PDR / Mobile

Duration: The timeline for this assignment is approximately five months with a final report being submitted in January 2022


Overview of Assignment:

Integra, through the Asia Emerging Opportunities (AEO) mechanism, has been asked by USAID/Laos to conduct a landscape assessment of Democracy, Human Right and Governance (DRG) in Laos.  USAID’s Political Economy Assessment Framework will form the basis for designing the assessment.  This analysis will assist USAID in making strategic and programming decisions relating to the governance sector by providing a more in depth understanding of the current context and key actors so that the Mission may review whether its current Governance initiatives are appropriately focused and identify any gaps or opportunities for increased investment.  USAID’s Applied PEA Framework is based on five key elements: 1) Purpose, 2) Foundational Factors, 3) Rules of the Game, 4) Here and Now, and 5) Dynamics.  When used as a guide, these elements will frame a set of questions that Integra will work with USAID/Laos to develop and provide a guide for how data is collected and analyzed. Using the PEA Framework, the Integra team will identify stakeholders and aspects of the sector that are of critical importance to USAID’s work in Laos.  At the same time, the team will map out a process to rapidly conduct a desk review and select field interviews on priority issues. The timeline for this assignment is approximately five months with a final report being submitted in January 2022. Integra is seeking individuals to fulfill the following position:


Position Description

This expert will work with the Team Lead to provide local context on democracy and governance issues in Lao PDR.  S/he will support the design of the assessment and generation of a work plan in alignment with the five key elements of the Applied PEA Framework. The expert will also participate in a literature review which will then lead to producing a set of questions and a list of key informants, in consultation with USAID. The expert will then participate in fieldwork, conducting interviews with these informants. The expert will then support the writing of a final report and participate in a validation workshop where results will be shared and discussed. Deliverables include work plan, literature review, Mission debrief, final report, and a validation workshop.


Required Qualifications:

·        10 years of experience working on political and governance issues in Lao PDR, specifically in the areas of anticorruption and strengthening local          governance

·        In-depth knowledge of the Lao governance context and political system

·        Previous experience conducting political economy assessments, preferably with USAID

·        Strong written and spoken English is preferred

·        Some in-country travel is expected, if the COVID-19 situation allows


Integra, USAID’s 2021 small business of the year, specializes in the implementation of demand-driven development analytics, monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL), private sector engagement, and capacity building projects.  Our technical expertise is broad, encompassing ICT, agriculture and food security, economic growth, energy, climate resilience, environment and natural resources, and gender and social inclusion.  We have provided analytical and MEL services to donor-funded projects for over ten years, working across more than 50 different countries, impacting millions of stakeholders, and leveraging over $1.2 billion in public and private investment for development reforms.


To Apply: Integra, LLC has contracted Global Recruitment Specialists to assist with this recruitment effort. Please email a cover letter and updated resume/CV to:


Patrick Shields, Search Manager

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